Anglia Freight is a truly agile logistics provider. We have won many awards based on our excellent reputation of listening to customers and providing them with the solutions they need to impress their customers.

The consignments we move are so much greater than the sum of the individual pallets

We are dedicated to ensuring that consignments are treated on an individual basis and not just put into a network, or on a fleet. To fulfil our customers’ requirements, we have various channels to hand which provide not only a comprehensive service but are incredibly reliable, delivering award-winning levels of service every time.

IT investment helps deliver excellent service

Our investment in cutting edge IT technology ensures our customers do not have to double key their orders, freight is not double handled, paperwork flows electronically, and customers are kept up to date on consignment statuses and delivery ETAs. Real-time signatures at delivery and customers own ‘Proof of Delivery’ paperwork adds to the reassurance that their shipment is delivered on time and in full.

Preferred delivery slots to Amazon through Palletline

Our unique, shareholder relationship with the UK’s first and only full member-owned pallet network, Palletline, ensures that we can reach the four corners of the UK and Europe quickly, accurately and at very competitive rates. Palletline is a preferred supplier to Amazon. As a member of their preferred inbound carrier programme, we get access to selected delivery slots, helping to eliminate delivery fines and ensuring freight is seamlessly transitioned from anywhere in the UK into any of the Amazon Fulfilment Centres at extremely competitive rates.

Maximising our own fleet

Maximising traffic on our own fleet allows us to control vehicle locations and movements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our versatile fleet can deliver any sized consignment to all the UK and Europe, ensuring our customers’ freight is delivered on time and in full. From small vans with tail lifts, that suit home delivery, to large articulated vehicles for RDC deliveries, we’ve got it covered, in the most efficient way, maximising vehicle fill, reducing empty running miles and minimising the environmental impact.

Trailer swap services

We also work with UK partners to provide trailer swap services, where freight is not needlessly double-handled, and damages are virtually non-existent. We are proud of these partnerships with our trusted regional hauliers, which have spanned over 25 years and who have continually excelled in their field.

All consignments are treated individually

All our customers are individuals, and as their consignments present different challenges, they are treated individually too. We believe all our customers deserve the very best logistics provider to coordinate the mass movement of freight, and we are here to do just that.

It is that time of year again when we reflect on the previous year, take stock of the current situation and project forward at what the New Year may bring. You may already have an idea where I’m going with this from the title?!

Usually the budgeting and forecasting at Anglia Freight is a fairly simple process of using historic results and nailing our flag to the mast for what we want to achieve for the next year. The slight snag this year is that we do not have the foggiest idea what the lay of the land will be for 2019.

Business leaders are having to make up to three or four strategy plans to cover the most likely eventualities of what life looks like once the BREXIT outcome is decided. It is not unusual for Companies to have multiple plans, but the problem we all face here is not just the whole uncertainty of criteria, but the sheer scale and magnitude of differences between the outcomes of one path to another.

One of Anglia Freight’s values and intentions is to always offer Peace of Mind to our Customers. I’ve mentioned before, it is a big deal for Customers to put their trust in us to deliver and look after their products which are in effect their livelihoods. We aim to be a key step in the sequence of steps to get product to market, where our Customers have complete faith and confidence in us to do our part effectively. Thus freeing up more time to focus on growing their own Business or in the next few months, potentially weathering whatever storm may arise.

So you could say that part of our Business model and plan for 2019 is ensure that we are the Calm amongst the Storm for our Customers, Suppliers and Staff. There will be a lot of valued work behind the scenes to do this and we will continue to thrive. Living by our values; Exceptional Service, Innovation, Peace of Mind and Loyalty, which will all help ensure we are a stand out, robust certainty in a sea of uncertainty that we find ourselves in today.

From all of us at Anglia Freight, regardless of the fun times ahead, we wish you a successful 2019 and look forward to continue working with you and growing from strength to strength.

Douglas Shawcross – Managing Director