Top 5 most frequently asked questions

Are you able to deliver to Amazon Fulfilment Centres?

As a preferred supplier of palletised transport to Amazon, we are specialists at delivering freight into these locations. As with RDCs we make consolidated deliveries meaning there is no risk of fines from missed delivery slots. To discuss your requirements further contact our sales team and look at the Amazon section in our Terms and Conditions.

How do I get a quote from your sales team?

To discuss any freight requirement contact our sales team.

How do I amend a shipment?

Once a booking has been accepted via the portal it is locked to ensure that we are aware of any amendments. If you need to change any details of your order these should be made in writing to with the job number clearly referenced. The cut off for amendments is 1600hrs on the day of collection, after this whilst they can still be requested we are unable to guarantee any changes.

How do I book a job with Anglia Freight?

Once you have opened an account with us you will receive instructions allowing you to access and use our Freight Portal. Further information is available here, alternatively, contact our Business Support team.

What is kerb-side delivery?

Anglia Freight commit to delivering your goods to a safe point as close to your premises as possible. We are unable to undertake extra movement of goods such as down driveways and into premises without prior written agreement, there will be an additional charge for such services.


How do I pack my goods for an Amazon delivery?

Goods to be delivered into Amazon have to be packed in a certain way to allow the Fulfilment Centre to process them efficiently.  The result of this is that there are a few extra requirements on the height, weight and labelling of the pallets.  The Amazon Freight Presentation section of our Terms and Conditions holds all the extra information required, in addition please contact our Commercial Team who will be pleased to answer any specific questions.

I have a stand trailer on site how should it be loaded?

A stand trailer is a trailer that is left on a customer’s premises for them to load as the goods become avalaible. We will then arrange to swap the full trailer for an empty one daily. This is different to ‘live loading’ where a vehicle arrives and the freight is loaded while it waits. Stand trailers are provided for high voulme customers and can be swapped out numerous times each day. The safe loading of stand trailers is very important and must be completed to HSE standards. For more inforamtion please contact the Commercial Team.

My POD has RDC on it what does this mean?

RDC stands for Regional Distribution Centre which is a large warehouse for one or more companies. Such locations have many deliveries every day and can be challenging points to get freight into. To make this process easier we have many agreements that allow freight to be delivered in a consolidated manner including by leaving of a trailer on site. When this happens the portal’s electronic signature will show RDC confirming that the freight has arrived on site. Once completed the POD will appear too.

At the delivery point parked cars make impossible to stop safely what happens next?

Unfortunately, we are unable to stop anywhere that is unsafe or illegal. Where parking is taken up or access is blocked we will try our best to make your delivery. If it is impossible to do this safely we will contact you to ask for further instructions. Where it is impossible to stop safely we reserve the right to return the goods to our depot and redeliver with the cost of this being directed to the customer. In these situations, it is the professional opinion of the driver on-site that determines whether a delivery can be made safely or not.

Why do you need names and contact telephone numbers for the collection and delivery points?

Delivery and collection points not knowing a delivery is coming is common in our industry. To ensure we can quickly and easily contact the correct person we require a named individual with a direct dial number.

I require a tail lift collection / delivery what could affect this?

The majority of our vehicles are fitted with tail lifts and pallet trucks meaning that we can deliver goods to locations with no forklift. Pallet must be no more than 1.5 x 1.2 x 2.2m weighing 1000kg or less. Such deliveries can only be made on flat, firm surfaces to ensure the safety of the driver.  Where a small vehicle is required (7.5 tonne) tail lift deliveries are restricted to 750kg or lessContact our Commercial Team for more information.

I am unable to package my goods on a pallet can you still ship them for me?

We can move goods that are not palletised preferably by collecting them and palletising them ourselves. Provision of pallet and wrap can be requested when booking on our portal.

There is no one to accept the goods at the delivery point, can they still be left?

We are able to leave goods at delivery points without a signature where the sender has confirmed in writing that it is ok to do so.

Access to the delivery point is blocked what happens now?

We will always do our utmost to deliver your freight but there are instances when this is not possible. Where roads are closed or no access available we reserve the right to return the goods to our depot and redeliver on another occasion. Where Anglia Freight is not at fault for the delivery failing there will be a charge for the redelivery.

The collection / delivery point doesn’t have a fork lift can you still move my goods?

The majority of our vehicles are fitted with tail lifts and pallet trucks meaning that we can deliver goods to locations with no forklift. Pallet must be no more than 1.5 x 1.2 x 2.2m weighing 1000kg or less. Such deliveries can only be made on flat, firm surfaces to ensure the safety of the driver.

What happens to the packaging that my goods come with e.g. shrink wrap and pallet?

All goods and packaging is the property of the consignee (person accepting delivery) and as such will be left with them. For a fee we are able to remove pallets.

Do you deliver on Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays?

We are able to deliver on any day at any time. Anything outside of Monday to Friday 0900 to 1700hrs will be charged separately and must be agreed in writing prior to collection.

I want to pay via credit card or Bank transfer, is this possible?

We accept all major credit and debit cards along with bank transfers. Please note all funds will need to be cleared in our account before shipment can commence.

Do I have to label my freight before collection?

All freight must be labelled before being loaded onto one of our vehicles. Labels can be printed from our freight portal. For customers despatching numerous pallets on a daily basis we can provide and install a label printer, for more details contact sales.

How should I package my freight so it stays safe during transit?

Ensuring freight is secured tightly to the pallet and wrapped appropriately is essential to ensuring a safe hassle free journey. We are always on hand to advise on best practice and will contact you immediately if we consider that something may cause a problem.

For more advice see the freight presentation section of our terms and conditions.

I want to import goods into the UK from outside of the EC can you help?

Importing not only involves the movement of the goods but also clearing them through customs. With multiple organisations, this can be challenging and confusing. To remove all the doubt and worry talk directly to our sales team who can take on the full import or specific elements as required.

I need to store my goods for a period of time, is this something that you can do?

Storage is one of our many services and our sales team would be pleased to talk to you about this. Short term or long our racked warehouse can cater for many needs.

How long is my quote valid for?

All quotes are valid for one calendar month from the date of issue.

The delivery must be signed for on my own paperwork, can this be done?

Yes we can. Once the job is booked, but prior to collection, create a PDF titled with the Anglia Freight job reference and send it to Copies of the signed POD will be made available through the booking portal.

How do I access my Proof of Delivery (POD)?

All PODs (Proof of Delivery) can be accessed (for viewing and printing) through the Jobs List on our booking portal.

I have a shipment that has unique collection and delivery instructions how do I communicate these to you?

Any collection and delivery requirements must be entered into the relevant notes section when booking the job on the portal. For any questions contact our Business Support team.

I want additional insurance for my goods can you provide this?

Yes, all UK shipments can have their insurance up levelled to £10 per tonne. Additionally, one off bespoke insurance premiums can be booked, contact our sales team on 01379 872872 and select option 1, for more information.

What level of insurance are my goods covered by?

When will my freight be delivered?

Next day freight will be collected on day 1 and delivered on day 2 this is an A level service.

48 hour freight will be collected on day 1 and delivered on either day 2 or 3, this is a B level service.

72hr hour freight will be collected on day 1 and delivered on either day 2, 3 or 4, this is a C level service.

Same day shipments can also be requested and will be confirmed in writing prior to collection.

Please refer to our delivery section in our Terms and Conditions.

Where can I find a list of contacts?

A list of contacts can be found on our contact page.

Alternatively, call us on 01379 872872.

Do Anglia Freight offer any ‘special’ services?

Anglia Freight offers a range of standard additional services such as timed deliveries and handball offloading which can be booked through our portal. In addition, we can accommodate those unique one-off requirements which will always be confirmed in writing. To discuss any needs further please contact our sales team.

Can you deliver freight out of the UK?

We can collect and deliver freight worldwide. For information on our services please use the links: UK shipments, European shipments, International shipments.

Which size of vehicle is suitable for my delivery?

Your goods are most likely to be delivered on an 18 tonne rigid vehicle fitted with a tail lift and on occasion’s access permitting an artic. Where the delivery point has narrow approach roads a smaller 7.5 tonne vehicle can be requested for an additional charge.

Can I track my freight?

Tracking is available through our portal for all freight, contact Business Support for further information.

How do I open a credit account?

Fill in the form to open a credit account with Anglia Freight. Once your form has been submitted we will process your application and revert within 24 hours.

My freight is hazardous what must I do to make you aware of this?

When carrying hazardous goods we have a legal requirement to hold specific information pertaining to the goods. This information is the UN number, Hazardous Class, Packing Group and an emergency contact number. This information must be entered when booking every shipment. Please note it is the responsibility of the consignor and not the haulier to ensure that this information is correct. Any liability resulting from incorrect information, therefore, lies with the consignor.

What happens if my pallet is oversized?

One pallet space is 1.2m long, 1.2m wide and 2.2m tall. We are able to ship goods of multiple shipments, to do this we need to know how many pallet spaces your goods will take up. A pallet 2.4 x 1.5 x 1.8m will take up two spaces in length and 2 with its width (whilst it only infringes on the second width space this is still chargeable as 2 full spaces). As a result this would be booked as 1 pallet (quantity) and 4 spaces (volume). Refer to our Booking Instructions for more information.

I have an invoice query, who do I contact?

All invoice queries should be directed to our Business Support team.