Earlier this year, we had the absolute pleasure of spending an entire week with employees across the business as Anglia Freight hosted the inaugural Employee Conference week.  The agenda for the week was to spend time with our employees, to share key pieces of information and to launch the ProDriver scheme.  We received wonderful feedback from across the business regarding the value of the event and we will be sure to repeat it in the future.  It certainly got everyone talking about the ProDriver Scheme…

What is the ProDriver Scheme?

Since it’s infancy, the company has been committed to developing our employee’s skill sets and progressing their careers.  Realising and inspiring potential is at the heart of what we do and we have an ever-growing photo album of drivers whose careers we have enabled and progressed through the various classes of driving qualification.  But we realise development does not stop there.  We don’t simply hand over the keys and say ‘super, off you go’ the day after a driver passes their test.  Instead, Anglia Freight has pledged to invest significantly in the ongoing professional development of our drivers.  Cue the launch of the ProDriver Scheme.  The scheme offers a much-enhanced rate of pay for drivers who are able to demonstrate 10 key professional qualities.  But we don’t expect our team to simply get there on their own.  We have a dedicated Compliance and Training Team who coach, support and develop our fleet of drivers in order to achieve these 10 key qualities.

What makes the ProDriver different from other reward systems?

In the development of the initiative, we were clear that we wanted the ProDriver Status to be achievable; for the driving team to only be held accountable for the variables that are within their control.  Drivers have previously shared stories regarding other reward-based initiatives that penalised participants for factors outside of their control.  This scheme had to have integrity and it had to have transparency.

Is it working?

Probably the most important question of all!  As we draw the first quarter of the scheme to a close, we have been delighted with the results.    The scores on the doors are impressive. Rewind a year ago and the average ‘Driver Performance Score’ across the fleet was 8 out of a possible 10.  We have seen this score rise to 9.7 in the month of May 2019.  This score encompasses measures such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering and idling time.  To achieve the fleet score of 9.7 brings great #peaceofmind that our drivers are operating the Anglia Freight vehicles in the safest and most efficient way.  It is hugely encouraging that we have also seen a 33% reduction in driving/vehicle incidents since the scheme started. Has it been achievable? Yes – 71% of our driving fleet are currently benefiting from significantly enhanced rates of pay, in exchange for their driving professionalism.

The impact

We have been in awe of the motivation, determination and commitment our drivers have demonstrated in their quest to achieve ProDriver Status and we feel incredibly fortunate to employ the team of drivers that we do.  Individual quests to one side, the camaraderie and peer support our team have shown each other has been both humbling and heart-warming.  Perhaps the greatest impact of all is found in the conversations now taking place at Anglia Freight; people are talking Pro! Discussing tips, strategies, best practice, asking for help, asking for support, wanting to know more. We’ll take that, for sure.