We do our very best to ensure that your freight reaches its destination in perfect condition.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and we want to ensure you have the right level of insurance cover for your consignment.

Standard Insurance Cover

  • All freight carried within the UK by Anglia Freight Ltd is done so under the Road Haulage Association’s Conditions of Carriage 2009 (RHA 2009).
  • RHA 2009 sets insurance cover as £1.30 per kilogram of freight that is either damaged or permanently lost.
  • All goods are automatically covered up to £1.30 per kilogram at no additional cost.
  • Your cover will be up to £1.30 per kilogram unless enhanced or bespoke cover is agreed with us before collection of the goods.

Enhanced Insurance Cover

  • If you require additional levels of cover, we can offer an enhanced cover of £10.00 per kilogram.
  • This enhanced level of cover is available for an annual fee of £200.

As claims are determined by the weight of the damaged or permanently lost goods, this level of cover is particularly recommended for goods with a high value and light weight, such as computers and electrical goods.

Please consider the value of your goods carefully before shipping.

Goods In Transit Insurance

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Further Information

Enhanced Insurance cover

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Enhanced Insurance Cover