Monday 21st December 2020

Important Information for all customers shipping to locations outside of the UK (including Northern Ireland)

Following the Government’s announcements over the weekend and the subsequent action taken but European Union please see the important announcements below.

Mainland Europe excluding Republic of Ireland.

Due to many members of the European Union closing their borders to UK passengers and freight no shipments will be collected until on or after Monday January 4th at the earliest. These will then be subject to the new customs declarations coming in as a result of Brexit.

Nothern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Due to a large increase in freight to NI and ROI transport times are longer than usual. Many of these shipments are having to wait at the network’s hub for transport to the delivery depot. We will be in contact daily with the customers concerned to advise of any developments.


The above issues are changing hour by hour and these are our, Palletline and Hazchem’s positions currently. As and when these change we will of course notify you immediately.

Thursday 17th December 2020

Important Information for all customers shipping to locations outside of the UK (including Northern Ireland)

Completing export and import customs procedures will be new to many people but necessary for all movements in and out of the European Union from January. At Anglia Freight we will be doing all we can to assist customers with their customs interactions.

Our partners in the Palletline and Hazchem networks have taken steps to support the completion of declarations.  To enable them to do this we ask customers to complete a Customs Representaion Authorisation (CRA) form for each depot who is shipping their freight.  The depots involved have a legal responsibility to have written instruction from each company they represent.  The attached forms when completed show that each depot has been authorised to act in direct representation in customs matters.  Simply put it enables them to create and submit UK export and EU import declarations on the behalf of those they represent.

Download the relevant Customs Representation Form below, note there are different forms for different destination countries.

Anglia Freight must have a signed form returned to be able to ship goods to these destinations from 1st Jan 2021.

Use the links below to access the relevat CRA, then print and complete before sending a copy to

For Republic of Ireland all three forms need to be downloaded, signed and returned.

If the country you wish to ship to is not listed we are still waiting for the depot to share the form with us, as soon as they do we will send this to you.

Non-hazardous freight.  

Northern Ireland 

Republic of Ireland 

Belgium, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain & Switzerland

Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland & Hungary

Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia & Sweden

Hazardous freight. 

Northern Ireland HAZARDOUS 

Republic of Irleand HAZARDOUS 1 

Republic of Ireland HAZARDOUS 2 

Republic of Ireland HAZARDOUS 3 

Wednesday 16th December 2020

Important Information for all customers shipping to locations outside of the UK (including Northern Ireland)

The start of 2021 marks the end of the transition period that supported the UK’s departure from the European Union. Starting from the 1st January, new rules and regulations will apply to any goods movements starting or ending outside of the UK.

With both sides still trying to thrash out a trade deal, it is impossible to know exactly how things will look in the New Year. However, using our experience of international freight we can assist in your preparations.

Rather than attempt to cover all topics in one email we will be publishing a series of emails each focussing on a different topic. We start with the steps that need to be taken before booking a shipment out of the UK.

Information Required for Customs

  • Full details of the shipper (consignor).
  • EORI number of the shipper (consignor) anyone exporting goods out of the UK must have one and they start with the letters GB. For anyone sending goods to Northern Ireland, an additional EORI is needed starting XI.
  • Full details of the buyer (consignee).
  • EORI number for the buyer (consignee)
  • A full commercial invoice for the shipment, which includes a description of the goods, their net and gross weight, their value, details of how they are packaged and how the packaging is marked.
  • Quantity of boxes/packages on the pallet.
  • Value of the goods (as per the commercial invoice).
  • Commodity codes for each different type of good being sent, allows customs to identify what is being shipped and apply the correct level of tax.
  • Country of origin for the goods being shipped.
  • INCO term, this is the agreed terms the goods are being sold under. The INCO terms identify when during the shipping of the goods the responsibility shifts from the seller to the buyer.


During this lead up to January, there are bound to be specific individual questions you need answering. If there is something you need to know contact our Brexit Support team who would be glad to assist. Alternatively, new sections will be added to our website as soon as we are able.